Bharat's contribution to the World
History has recorded that it is in this land alone that, right from the hoary times, generation after generation of thinkers and philosophers, seers and sages rose to unravel the mysteries of human nature, dived deep into the world of Spirit and discovered and perfected the science of realization of that Great Unifying Principle. The penance and sacrifice and experience of hundreds of centuries of a whole nation is there as the inexhaustible fountain-head of this knowledge to assuage the spiritual thirst of the world.
The outside world, on the other hand, did not take to the study of this science of Spirit. Even to this day, they have remained extroverts habituated to study the outer world through their senses. The senses too go outward and as such they cannot lead to the vision of the inward nature. The Westerners, therefore, have remained ignorant of the knowledge and experience of the world of Spirit however much they might have unraveled the mysteries of the world of matter. Our ancestors who, on the other hand, crossed to realms beyond the senses could see within and have a glimpse of that glorious Inner Reality.
- Shri. Guruji M. S. Golwalkar.