The Downfall of the Hindus
The very first thing that strikes us about ourselves is that we all belong to a great people called Hindus numbering 30 crores, who dwell in this land of Bharatvarsha and on whose account the country is known as Hindustan. The Hindus were once one of the most powerful and leading nations of the world, and covered with all glory and greatness. In the past, so long as no foreign power polluted the soil of this land, we lived in peace and plenty. We had a galaxy of mighty empires, unequalled religious philosophies and enduring social fabrics. We had great thinkers and statesmen, heroes and warriors, among us, with great armies at their command. But how is it that the same people today have lost all this power, glory and freedom? Many thinking minds attribute the fall and decay of the great Hindu nation of the past to various causes that strike them. Some of them say that the foreigners were too powerful for us to defeat and were well equipped with men and material. They were armed with superior weapons and had more powerful armies, well trained and well disciplined than the Hindu forces. In short they believe that our downfall was not due to our own inherent weakness and degradation but to the superior forces of the foreigners who descended upon this land to destroy our way of life.