First Letter
All Swayamsevak brethren
The body has been weakening at a rapid pace during the last one month. The doctors have lost all hope. Everyone seems concerned with the thought that this body cannot last for more than a few days. We are thus faced with the important question of the future set-up of the work of the Sangh. It is certain that the Sangh will continue to function in a worthy manner, along the lines set out in our constitution. In line with the same constitution we have also to consider the question of nomination of the new Sarsanghachalak. I have discussed the matter with members of All-India executive committee, all of whom are workers with long-standing experience and as Prant-Sanghachalaks have been organizing work in various provinces. As the present Sarsanghachalak, it is my responsibility to set forth the decision arrived at after the due discussion with them all.
In fulfillment of that responsibility, I hereby declare that after my body ceases functioning, the office of Sarsanghachalak shall be filled by Sri Madhukar Dattatreya - alias Balasaheb - Deoras, who is well known to all.
I express the hope that, bearing in mind the cohesiveness, the mutual love and trust, impersonal devotion to the ideal and such other special features of our work, all our Swayamsevak brethren, young and old, will strive their utmost, in word, thought and deed, to fulfill our aims under the guidance of our Parama Poojya Sarsanghachalak. I have no doubt that we shall soon reach our goal.
My warm salutations to all brethren.
Sd /-