Hindu Rashtra since Ancient Times
If Dr. Hedgewar was the Bhishma Pita of Hindutva, Sri Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, fondly called Sri Guruji, was the Drona of Hindutva. Sri Guruji was pained at the thought that Hindus should have been reduced to the position of ‘Non-Muslims’ in post-independent India. Even before independence, he wondered why India alone should be described as a ‘sub-continent’ when even much bigger countries like USA, USSR and China were not described in that manner. He said he had no doubt that our country was being dubbed as a ‘sub-continent’ only to prepare the public mind for its partition. Consistently, Sri Guruji took a strong stand against partition of India. He stood for Akhand Bharat throughout his lifetime.
Sri Guruji always ridiculed the idea of India being a ‘nation in the making’ and said that proponents of this theory appeared to be only ‘patriots in the making’. Wherever he went he quoted chapter and verse to show that Bharatvarsha had been a ‘rashtra’ since Vedic times. He was quite amused that Shaivites and Vaishnavites of Kancheepuram should refer their religious ritualistic disputes like whether the temple elephant should bear a ‘U’ tilak or a Y tilak to the British Privy Council, which knew little about India and nothing about Hinduism.
A little before partition of India when K Ponniah, editor of ‘The Sind Observer’ asked him if it would really matter if India was partitioned, Sri Guruji said that at that rate it wouldn’t matter if somebody lost his nose. At that point of time when somebody said that it didn’t matter if all Hindus became Muslims in one stroke, Sri Guruji replied: ‘It wouldn’t matter even if all the Hindu died. Because they would live as ashes, and science has proved that matter is indestructible, and that even matter is only some electrical charges’.