Letters from Sri Guruji
Sri Guruji always had intimate personal correspondence with Swayamsevaks from all over the country. And to every letter that he received, he used to reply directly in his own handwriting. Those were the days when computers and cell phones had not invaded the Karyalayas. Even the mechanical typewriters were not much in use. Right form the ordinary Sangh Kayrakartas to the Sarsangchalak, all those engaged in building up the Sangh work used to maintain an intimate personal relationship with each and every Swayamsevak family. When this writer was entering into the Grihastha Ashram, he informed Sri Guruji about his marriage, and Sri Guruji sent the following very inspiring letter with his heartfelt blessing:

Sarsanghchalak: M. S. Golwalkar Sarkaryavah: M. D. Deoras

Letter no. 823 Ashada Shukla 11,1890 6-7-68
My dear Shri V. Rangarajan,
Saprem Namaste.
Received your letter of 2-7-68 this morning. It is a very happy piece of news that you are entering the life of a Grihasthashrami. Due to my preoccupations I am unable to attend this auspicious ceremony in person. But my heart is with you all and I pray to the Merciful Almighty to grant you both long life, cooperation and endowed with the best in life that you aspire for.
My respects to all.
Yours sincerely (Sd/-) M. S. Golwalkar.
With the blessings of Sri Guruji, this writer and his wife offered themselves in full time service of Vivekananda Kendra, one of the Parivar organizations. When a son was born to them and was to be named after Vivekananda, Sri Guruji wrote the following touching letter:

Sarsanghchalak: M.S. Golwalkar Sarkaryavah: M.D. Deoras
My dear Shri V. Rangarajan,
Sasneha Vande.
Received your letter of 12.4.71 on 17.4.71. I am very happy to learn that you have got a son on 6.4.71. I am sure, the name giving ceremony has been enthusiastically performed and the child is now Chi.Vivekanandan. May the Great Swami whose name you have chosen for the boy always bless him and may he have a prosperous full span of life devoted to knowledge, to Dharma and to the people.
I am due to reach Madras on 1-5-71 by G.T. Express on my way to Trichur. May be I shall be able to see the child.
My Namaskars to all. Best wishes to you, the boy and his mother Sow Bharati.
Yours sincerely, (Sd/-) M. S. Golwalkar.
Thousands of Swayamsevaks throughout the length and breadth of the country had the blessing and grace of this great Patriarch of the Sangh family and when they look back into the experiences with this Mahatma, their hearts do sway with pride and joy with the feeling that they have all been lucky to live in his time and under his love and care. The greatest homage that could be paid to this saintly leader on the occasion of his centenary is to see that the family that he built up with meticulous care and unstinted devotion and dedication is expanded to such an extent that it will embrace the whole Hindu Nation and the Hindu brethren all over the world.
Jai Sri Guruji! Vande Mataram!