Sangh Shakha
When Sri Guruji was asked to define RSS in one word, he said “Hinduism can be defined in one word, ‘OM’. But it would take years of study to understand its significance. Likewise RSS can be understood only by attending Shakha everyday”.
Once making an emotional appeal to workers to complete the RSS work in the manner and measure required, he quoted an example from the famous biography of Dr. Samuel Johnson written by his secretary Boswell. Once Oliver Goldsmith asked Dr. Johnson, “Doctor, how many fish in a chain will it take to reach from here to the moon?” Dr. Johnson was nonplussed by this question. Goldsmith himself replied: “Only one fish will suffice, if it is sufficiently big!” Sri. Guruji said that similarly even a single day would be sufficient for the completion of RSS work, if only all the Swayamsevaks of the Sangh worked with every atom of their strength with unshakeable faith in the ultimate victory of ‘Sanatana Dharma’.