Shri Guruji as Sarsanghachalak
Under Sri Guruji’s inspiring, fearless and indomitable leadership, RSS grew by leaps and bounds. In town after town, the Sangh Pracharak would arrive with a few letters of introduction to local leaders, whether belonging to Congress, Hindu Mahasabha, Arya Samaj or whatever. He would put up himself in the local bhavan of any of these organizations or in a temple or with any well-wisher. His job, often as teacher, would bring him in touch with many students and teachers. Any existing local Hindu volunteer organization would promptly merge with the new RSS shakha. With help from local well-wishers and guidance from his seniors in the RSS, the shakha would grow into a social magnet, attracting promising young men and local VIPs alike, regardless of their cast, class or sect. Soon it would be the strongest organization in town. Before long it would produce energetic young men to carry the message of Sangh to other towns and even villages. At a time when RSS was growing like wildfire, Sri Guruji said: “if I were to spend just one day in each shakha, even a life-time would not suffice to cover the whole country”.