Third Letter
My dearest and respected Swayamsevak brethren-
The body of Parama Poojaneeya Dr. Hedgewar attained rest on 21st June 1940; and in accordance with his wish, the onerous office of Sarsanghachalak fell to my lot. At that time I knew little. And yet, all the senior workers extended their warm-hearted co-operation and guided me. I was thus able to carry on the work for the long period of 33 years. It now appears to be God's will that I should hand over the responsibility to a worthy successor to ensure even more efficient working and speedier progress towards the goal. That plan is now in the making.
In my long tenure, it is not unlikely that I have caused mental agony to many workers, due to my idiosyncrasies or shortcomings and defects. With folded hands I seek forgiveness of one and all.
Lastly, I should recall a verse of Saint Tukaram, which expresses my own feelings:
"Listen to my last prayer, pious friends:
Forget me not, O Lord,
It is needless to waste words,
Thou knowest everything.
Tukaram says, I prostrate at Thy Feet,
May Thy Grace protect me".
Sd /-