In The Wake Of Pak Aggression In 1965
(With Pressmen in Bangalore, November 1965)

Q : In the recent war with Pakistan, Muslims have been loyal to us.
A : That is because they were afraid. I told once that if there was a major defeat to our army, there would have been an upsurge by these people in our country. Fortunately, there was no defeat. Our army is marching from victory to victory. Seeing that it would be very dangerous for them if they revolt, they have showed discretion and kept quiet. Now only that, out of sheer fear, they have also begun to loudly express their loyalty to this country.
Q : How can they ever hope to browbeat the majority?
A : Since a long time they were facing the majority and still got Pakistan.
Q : Is there no solution to this recurring Pakistani aggression?
A : Yes, there is. You know their nature. They act like goondas. If we stand firm, they will come round. So we must stand up. This has to be done if not today, tomorrow. In order to silence them we had to cross the international line and enter their territory. We should have marched ahead and occupied Lahore. That would have added more weight to our arguments at the UNO. There would have been a change in the attitude of the other nations also.
Q : But, there would have been the responsibility of feeding and controlling the civilians.
A : The whole of Lahore had practically become empty by then except for the military.
Q : Maybe our army was not able to do it?
A : No. They were not allowed. I have toured those border areas. I know it was easy. But the political leaders did not allow it.
Q : Would not the world opinion have gone against us?
A : The so-called 'world bodies' and 'world opinions' stand thoroughly exposed in their true colors today. The UNO and the Commonwealth have proved to be blatantly partial towards Pakistan. They have only repeated the ignoble role they played in 1948 of equating the aggressor with the aggressed. That the UNO is only an arena of power-politics for the big powers has been proved once again. The UNO did not so much as open its lips when Pakistan sent its armed saboteurs inside Kashmir in thousands or even when it marched its armies across the international boundary into Bharat in Chhamb-Jaurian sector. However, it suddenly became conscious of 'danger to world peace' when our armies, as a defence measure, marched into Lahore sector in Pakistan! There is no doubt that if, by chance, Pakistan had succeeded in its aggressive designs, the UNO or the other powers which are now shouting in the name of world peace, would have then coolly slept over the whole affair
Q : Why is Pakistan hostile to India?
A : Pakistan must hate or it will die, because the whole basis of its existence is hatred of India
Q : Ayub has said that the fight continues as long as Pakistan exists
A : At least once in his lifetime Ayub has told the truth!
Q : Can our army conquer Pakistan?
A : There is no question of conquering. Give one crushing defeat to the Pakistani army then the people there will themselves do the rest. They will also revolt and Pakistan will cease to exist.
Q : What about the other countries which are interested in the existence of Pakistan?
A : They are interested in our existence also for obvious reasons.
Q : Then why are they supporting both?
A : When both exist, they will have the choice to get their interests served. When both quarrel, they can come in under the pretext of settling the quarrel, thereby increasing their influence.
Q : But when the question of selection comes?
A : They have not yet decided. But if they see that our country is strong and powerful they will decide to have our friendship. They will refuse an unreliable ally like Pakistan and favor our friendship.
Q : How is it that a country like Pakistan can attract them and not we?
A : There are no permanent friends or permanent enemies. Everything depends upon the self-interest of the countries concerned. It serves their purpose now to have the friendship of Pakistan. If they feel that they are profited by our friendship they will come to us.
Q : What will happen to the Muslims there if there is reunification?
A : This is not a religious war between Hindus and Muslims. Ayub Khan is, in fact, tyrannising over his own coreligionists, especially in NWFP, Baluchistan and East Bengal, and has reduced them to second-class citizens. The people of NWFP were forced to join Pakistan much against their wish. The Bengali Muslims in East Bengal, groaning under the heels of Punjabi Muslims who dominate the entire State machinery in Pakistan, are already in revolt.
Re-unification of those parts with Bharat would therefore be an act of liberation for them. They may well be Muslims by religion but they can live happily as honorable citizens, just as other Muslims here are enjoying all the rights and privileges due to a citizen, in the single, democratic and unified Bharat. History bears testimony to the fact that Bharat is the cradle land of religious generosity. It has always welcomed and assured all religious groups a free, honorable and secure life. Even in the Hindu Empires of Vijayanagar, Maharashtra and Punjab which rose to defend our national freedom from Muslim onslaughts, Muslims were in some of the highest positions of trust and responsibility.