Leading Political Figures
President V.V. Giri: “A deeply religious man with great organizing ability”
Vice-President G.S. Pathak: Shri Guruji had completely dedicated his life at the altar of the nation. He did great work for reforming Hindu Culture.
Loksabha Speaker Shri. G.S. Dhillon: Due to his towering personality and his great erudition Shri Guruji occupied the pride of place among the nation’s thinkers.
Prime minister Smt. Indira Gandhi: “Shri Golwalkar, an eminent personality who was not a member of the House, is no more. He held a respected position in national life by his force of personality and the intensity of his conviction, even though many of us could not agree with him”
Congress (O) leader S. N. Mishra: He was a great thinker, a Karma yogi, and a self-realised soul. His character and his personality were sources of inspiration.
Shri Jagjivan Ram, Defence minister of India: In the death of RSS Chief Shri Golwalkar India has lost a leader who had organizing ability and capacity to suffer for the cause he held dear.
Socialist Leader Shri S.M. Joshi: A ‘tapasvi’, a personality with indomitable determination for a glorious future for India.
Socialist Party leader Shri Samar Guha: He was a great patriot and instilled a sense of dedication and service in thousands of young men during the past forty years.
Akali Dal Leader Jatthedar Santosh Singh: Shri Guruji was a ‘Maha Purush’, Man like him become immortal. His passing away is a great loss for the Sikh Panth. When one stood before him one forgotten Hindu-Sikh differences.
Marxist leader Shri Taqi Rehman: Although I never met Shri Guruji I have seen his vision of a glorious future for the nation inspiring his followers.
Patna Congress leader Shri Hafizuddin Qureshi: He was really a great man. Those who did not come into contact with him had a wrong impression about him. He was neither communal nor anti-Muslim. Muslims are being misled into thinking that Sangh is against them. Shri Guruji stood for equal rights and religious freedom.
Shiv Sena Leader Shri Bal Thackarey: Like the captain of a ship Shri Golwalkar steered the ship of the Sangh through many adversities with great skill.
Chief of Rashtra Sevika Samiti Smt. Mausi Kelkar: Bharat has lost the focal point of national strength based on Hindutva.
Bhartiya Jan Sangh President Shri L.K. Advani was in tears while paying his tribute. He said Guruji was the Swami Vivekananda of modern times. He was dedicated to the creation of a great Bharat. In patriotism and selfless service he was a source of inspiration for lakhs of young men.
Jana Sangh leader Shri Atal Bihari Vajpeyee: Shri Guruji spent every atom of his energy and every moment of his life to make the Hindu society realize it’s identity, which it had forgotten, and make it organized and strong. That the Hindu society is now awake and strong enough to resist any aggression on it is the result of his ceaseless ‘Sadhana’ and unparalleled organizational ability.
Shri Jai Prakash Narayan declared while addressing a condolence meeting in Patna that Shri Guruji was an outstanding spiritual soul. It is a great truth that we are Bharatiya, Bharat has an ancient tradition, and this will be the basis of our national reconstruction. However modern we become, we shall never be called American, French, English or German. We shall always remain Bharatiya. Revered Shri Guruji had awakened this sense of national identity in thousands of young men.